terry1on1 is a current affairs blog. Its main objective is to provide readers with accurate and entertaining information about issues ranging from social, cultural, political and economic. We are now living in the information age where information is readily accessible and instantaneous. Persons want to be informed of what is happening around them on a daily basis whether it is locally, regionally or internationally and this blog aims to satisfy their curiosity.

With the advancement of technology, citizen journalism has become quite prevalent in today’s society and because of this a lot of inaccurate information is being disseminated to the public. As a journalism student who has a passion for hard news I would like to use my blog as a platform to help curtail that problem. Therefore my readers can expect to received accurate news from terry1on1 as well as from other credible sources.

As the name suggests, my blog will allow my followers who are highly critical to comment and engage in discussions about whatever topic or issue is being looked at. They will also be able to suggest topics that they would like to be discussed.

Terry1on1 appeals to men and women who genuinely loves to be informed; persons who have a genuine interest in current affairs. It targets persons who are open- minded and have an appreciation for the views of others, like myself. It will also seek to satisfy the needs of those persons who have a short attention span and prefer to hear or watch rather than read. Hence, the blog will be an incorporation of not just text but also audio and video.


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